Chippewa Creek EcoPath is a community initiative to restore and enhance the natural values and heritage of Chippewa Creek through stewardship and education.
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Environmental Education

Chippewa Creek is a part of where we work, live and play and the creek’s health is linked with the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our community. 
Chippewa Creek EcoPath is a place where we can learn how to balance these human, social and economic needs with the needs of our natural environment.
Here you can learn more about the value of the ecosystem and what you can do to sustain and protect it, whether you’re a school group, a family, a business, a community group, or an individual. 
This section of our website will grow!  Your ideas are welcome!
Chippewa Creek Study - Gr. 9 Science Curriculum Resource 
The Chippewa Creek Study includes two field investigations for Grade 9 science courses. The field investigations may be completed separately or together. Both investigations include objectives, recommended class time, curriculum expectations, prior learning, required materials, learning strategies and student assessment.
Objective: This resource is intended to engage students in hands-on activities to discover the many facets of a local aquatic ecosystem and to spark an interest in local conservation efforts.
1)  Mapping Chippewa Creek
Students have the opportunity to investigate the landscape level features of Chippewa Creek. Activities include: 
·         Measurement and observations of creek features
·         Map sketch of their study site
·         Discussion on human impacts on the creek
Curriculum Expectations: Grade 9 Academic & Applied Science: B1, B2, B3
2)  General Creek Health Assessment
Students will conduct a general creek health assessment according to the Community Stream Stewardship Program’s Stream Health Checklist. Activities include:
·         Field observations
·         Assessment based on human and natural factors.
·         Development of a remediation plan to tack two challenges they observe in the creek
Curriculum Expectations: Grade 9 Academic & Applied Science: A1, B2, B3