Chippewa Creek EcoPath is a community initiative to restore and enhance the natural values and heritage of Chippewa Creek through stewardship and education.
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Science & Research

Chippewa Creek is a part of on-going study and research initiatives by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority and a number of community organizations. As we learn more about the creek, we can monitor its health, recovery and the effectiveness of all our efforts.

Watershed Report Card

The Chippewa Creek subwatershed was part of the 2013 Watershed Report Card. To see how it was graded, visit and click on the Watershed Checkup icon.

Fish Inventory

During the Chippewa Creek reconstruction project in 2011 - 2012, FRI Ecological Services undertook a salvage and relocated fish downstream outside the construction zone. As part of the relocation, they inventoried the fish they found.

Chippewa Creek-Fish Inventory 2012

Chippewa Creek Watershed

The Chippewa Creek watershed encompasses 40 sq km from the escarpment to the waterfront. Runoff within this watershed impacts the health of the creek and eventually Lake Nipissing. Below is a map of the Chippewa Creek watershed.

Map of watershed